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Church Army History Writing Team


The Church Army History writing team at St Julian’s center -Limuru.


Capt Julius Tsotsi

Got saved in 1952. He was born in a family of non-believers ,his father died without stepping into church. However, Julius converted his mother during his  Church Army  training and she got baptized.

He was among the first lot to join Church Army Training College. Tsotsi wanted to be a teacher,therefore he enrolled at Maseno Training College.

In 1956 he was told to go to Maseno Bible College to study the role of an assistant priest for a year but he declined.

In 1956,the vicar called him and told him about Church Army. He decided to go because the then Late Arch Bishop Festo O Lang and the vicar spoke to him.

Tsotsi came for the selection week. It took place from September 28th 1957- October 4th1957 . About 20 people showed up, but only 6 were selected.

The training was started on 11 Jan.1954, first to test if Africa can make it to be Church Army officers. The doubt was taken away on 28th Nov.1959 when the first commissioning in Africa took place. Commissioning was done by Wilson’s grandson, Wilson Carlile.


IMG_0135Kenneth was born in 1927.  He was ordained in 1979. He was nicknamed ‘Emilio’ meaning glittering eyes.He got saved in 1956 as a teacher, the first teacher to be saved his locality. The time of training was a difficult time. Elijah Gachanja, Ezekiel, Timothy Ole from Katagwa were his fellows. Salvation was side by side with Mau Mau. Whites were not needed. African evangelists were used to spread the good news in difficult times.In 1960, Kenneth and missionaries went to Uganda and opened a centre for children. There because of the political upheaval, had to close himself in with the children. Before missionaries from Nairobi could come to pick him, he saw a man being killed in front of the door of the centre.

In 1963, the Cathedral or Soroti (Uganda) was opened, an Kenneth was there.Captain Kenneth was then sent to West Pokot. One of the challenges working there was that the community had set their own religion and they didn’t want any interference or an introduction of any other religion. Another challenge was transportation.

He wrote a letter to the President of Kenya then to banish the Church of Musamba that was practicing a different religion.

He was then sent to Baringo. He didn’t understand the language nor was he able to speak it. One day, he met with herdsmen and told them of the gospel. They never listened to him, instead they told him that they believed that their gospel was in a goat ( funny story that the goat ate the bible so they were reading it from the goat’s stomach in the intestines) He still convinced them about the gospel. After leaving the place in 1970, it developed with the building of a secondary school.

IMG_0182 Caroline Masaku 

She was encouraged by Peninah Serwanga (she was the only sister in the Mombasa Diocese) life as a Sister and got saved. When she came for the first interview, she was denied the opportunity because she was deemed too young to join Church Army. Was advised to try after three years. She went back to Mombasa and did Sunday school work.

Her parents were not Christians. When she came back at 19 years ,she was still too young to join Church Army but the Bishop reconsidered her because she was the only one from Mombasa Diocese, which was covering the whole of East Africa

She enrolled and started the Church Army Training College on 1st January 1970. Her class was of 4 girls and 10 young men.

She was sent to Taita to work with Jefferson Mwadime for her practice.Caroline worked under three Bishops , Bishop Peter Mwang’ombe at Pumwani Center as a Matron for 3 Years. Bishop Nzano went back to Mombasa and requested Caroline to work with the Mother’s Union. He then retired in 1977. Caroline worked as a leader of Mother’s Union for 35 years.Then worked with Bishop Karu.

She requests the Unity and love with the ethos and cultures of Church Army Captains to be revived. She remains as a Church Army Evangelists. After her retire, she now opened a Sunday school in her compound.



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