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IMG_3937 copy (INSET PHOTO- Carlile College RRI team)

The RRI (Rapid Results Initiative) process was officially launched on the 7th of April 2016 by the Chairman, Church Army Africa, Chairman Carlile College and the General secretary in an event that took place at the Carlile College chapel. This initiative was originally brought forth by Mr.Emmanuel Kisombe during the last  Church Army Africa Board annual retreat where it was adopted and the Carlile Board was to ensure that it is achieved.

The Rapid Results Approach is a structured process that uses short term projects to help create leadership structures; reveiew managemenet programmes; establish staff competence; create and review management policy documents with a sole aim of accelerating the pace at which organizations can achieve tangible results within 100 days.



In his speech,during the launch, Mr Emmanuel Kisombe spoke of how the process was important  and that all the set objectives were to be taken serious and results and deadlines to be met. Some of the areas he spoke of for improvement were: Review of ; policy manuals, procurement manuals, financial procedures,academic policies, organizational structures and many among others.


photo: Mr Emmanuel Kisombe



IMG_3907The Chairman, Carlile College Board Mr David Okech, spoke of how Carlile College was in the process of making reforms to imrpove it in every area. He stated that it was very important that the RRI process was taking place as it would influence the college’s future performance. He also comended the staff for the tedious efforts that they had made to help bring the college back.

Photo: Mr. David Okech – Carlile College Chairman



IMG_3917The Church Army Board Chairman, Mr James Gitoho also stated that he was looking forward to seeing new strategies implemented and the college improving its standards in each department. He launched the initiative and stated that there would be some major improvements in the whole institution.


Photo: Mr.James Gitoho – Chairman, Church Army Board of Directors



photos: The Chairman, Church Army Board, Chairman Carlile College Board, the Vice Chairman Church Army Board , the General Secretary and the RRI Team launching the initiative




2014-05-12 16.47.01
John Maganjo Waithira-Serving at A.C.K. WASO PARISH-ISIOLO.

                   A.C.K WASO PARISH


I and my family reported at A.C.K Waso parish on 1st May 2014.We were warmly welcomed by the Ven. Abraham,Rev.Peter Ekai and elders of ACK ST.PETERS WASO.The elders rented a single room for us which they pay rent every month.Also the church has been very supportive and friendly  to us.

The parish has three congregations namely Waso, kambi ya juu and antipoaching and so far we have visited all of them together with the evangelists in the parish.

Successes so far;

(a)Pastoral visits-The evangelists together with I came up with a very nice way of visiting the community,we do a joint visitation where we all as a group visit each local church community every other week, so far we have atleast visited every congregation and this has gone a long way to help us interact more closely with our members. Through this we have managed to reach out to our members and the community at large and this has given a personal touch with our congregants and even some who had moved from our churches have begun to come back and we thank God.

We have managed to set up a database/record for all our members and setting up better strategies of knowing all our members for a better pastoral follow up.

The motorbike in the parish has been of great help to us in reaching out to God’s people.

(b)Fellowship and Sunday services-Its from a strong fellowship that we get a strong church.By God’s grace we now have a very lively fellowship at Waso and at Kambi ya juu and we are praying that even in the other churches,the fellowship of believers will pick and grow in the word of God.Also the Sunday services have become more lively and appealing;by calling and involving members with different gifting to participate in the Sunday services.Also services now begins at 10am and many are becoming good time managers.

In coordination with Rev. Ekai and Ven.Abraham,the parish has received several news members,we have done four churching services and fourteen baptisms so far.we look forward to having fifteen  candidates being confirmed when the  Bishop will be visiting our parish in August.

(c)Departments-Apart from the M.U,its like other departments were not existing in the parish. We begun by letting every member belong somewhere The mothers union though not as active are trying ;in coordination with Rev.Alice (diocesan mothers union coordinator)we held one parish mothers seminar on 7/6/2014 and fourteen mothers attended.

Also we now have a very active men fellowship at Waso,children now have three teachers at Waso, also we have an active choir.The only department that seem to take abit longer to pick,are the youths but we pray God that these too will pick soon especially with the introduction of a morning service 8am-9.45am that target the youths.

(d)Parish debts and Quota-The parish had a diocesan debt ksh.450,000 thousands which has been paid back fully.Also we have managed to pay our quota allocation well,so far the parish has managed to over ksh.70,000 on our quota allocation which was ksh.100,000 and we have faith that the balance will be cleared soon.

(e)Church developments-The church has been having atleast three major projects; 1.acquiring land for the construction of a vicarage. 2.Fencing the church plots 3.Constructing a dyke to divert rain water that flooded last season and almost destroyed the church.The 1st one has happened and we are in the process of acquiring the related documents.The 2nd and 3rd are to be determined by how fast we get a beacon certificate after a survey on our plots which the church council has written to the county government of isiolo to execute beginning with A.c.k Waso plot.

On the same,we have given our idea and  humble request  to the diocese to be allowed to form a parish development committee (p.d.c) which will be spearheading all development strategies in the parish.This will go a long way to  bringing a balance and priority to the development agendas in the parish.We plan to draw the members of this committee from all the local churches that constitute the parish using the formulae of 2:2:2+1 ex-officio(two members from every local church and the captain/vicar who will b an ex officio).



(a)Very busy members– Apart from Sunday worship services,it has been a challenge to get members participating in the weekly activities like fellowships,choir practice,biblestudy,seminars  or midweek prayers.this is changing slowly and we thank God that amidst their busy schedules they are now availing themselves and like at Waso we have –choir practice on Wed evening –keyboard lessons on Tue and Wed evenings –fellowship for all on Friday evening.Also we thank God that now services begins on time and where there are delays the evangelists and I we are working towards rectifying that.

We pray God to help us embark on teachings so that members can be deeply rooted in the word of God and become faithful disciples of the lord Jesus.

(2) Commuting-At first it was so hard to move from one village to another, one church to the other,but we thank God that we have a motorbike that we are using though there are some places that are unreachable with it due to the rough terrain but the lord has strengthened us and provided ways of reaching them.

(c) language-most of our members especially in two of our churches are not conversant with Swahili or English;at first i found it hard to communicate with them but God has always made a way and by His grace we are learning,kimeru & kiturkana which is much dorminant in most areas we are serving.

(d) poor communication on all levels- we pray that atleast communication either way(top-bottom or bottom –top)will improve.

Recommendations and conclusion

I Sincerely thank you for giving us a chance to serve at Marsabit Diocese,Waso parish,it is a learning experience to us. Thanks and be blessed,


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Church Army Africa 60th Anniversary





Church Army



60th Anniversary