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Samaritan Strategy Program 

Centre for Urban Mission works in informal settlements through local churches with the aim of bringing about transformation. Through Samaritan Strategy which is one of the programs, there is the CCMP program. CCMP stands for Church and Community Mobilization Program. It encourages the church to wake up and engage with the community so that they are able to face and address the challenges that they are facing together. In order to do this, they go through a training manual over a given period of time carrying out some practical activities along the way and also studying the bible and seeing ways to apply it in order to bring about transformation in the community.ss story

The Samaritan Strategy team is currently taking a team of eleven pastors through this program. They meet once a month and the meetings are held in the different churches where the pastors work. This is done to encourage fellowship and so that they may get to know each other better. In September 2015, the meeting was held in Dandora in Pastor Amwayi’s Word Impartation Global Ministry church. For their assignment the previous month, they had been told to talk to their congregations so as to find out from them what they thought was ailing their communities. Among some of the issues mentioned included, lack of access to basics like clean water, health facilities, and joblessness among the youth which in turn resulted to drunkardness. They also mentioned tribalism, teaching of false doctrines, poverty, internal wrangling and many other issues.

Pastor Mary and Pastor Aggrey who are both from Kawangware took it upon themselves to try and address the lack of access to healthcare amongst people of their neighbourhood by mobilising and enrolling 18 people for the National Health Insurance Fund. Pastor Ayimba, in the same group has started an organisation as a seed project that trains young men and women as house managers. He then gets them employment in people’s homes around that neighbourhood and beyond. CCMP has enabled the pastors to learn that their work goes beyond being behind the pulpit and that the church can and should be an agent of change in the community because if it does not do it, then who will?




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