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????????????????????????????We Thank the Lord for providing us bibles, through MP, to distribute to Christians especially leaders from different church denominations that were in needs of bibles. We had planned to buy 180 bibles but we were able to get 216 bibles because Burundi Bible Society gave us a good discount.  We, then, got 36 extra bibles.

Beneficiaries were: pastors, catechists, evangelists, church elders, women and youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and those who have responsibilities in the leadership of the church. Other people who benefited from this donation are those Christians who came and had very old and torn bibles. Most of our target people were repatriates from Tanzania. The Bibles were not many and as we distributed it was just like a drop of water in the lake.

There a great need for bibles. Many leaders are using torn bibles which, as I realized it is not good at for a leader to stand before the people he is reading/serving, using a very old bible if not torn into pieces. 

People are thirsty, and hungry of the word of God. They want to read it, to study it and to understand its message, which can ????????????????????????????speak to them and bring them a better solution to today’s Burundi situation, that of:  poverty, unemployment, political unrest, gender based violence etc…; but they don’t have bibles which are for them special gold. Church leaders we meet said: We need more bibles because our hopes reside only in the word of the living God. We have any other option except that of reading it; share it with others so that we may uplift one another in our current and critical situation. Let us continue to fetching our provision in this sure source of living water




Rev. Nditije Jerome Teke

????????????????????????????I am Rev. Nditije Jerome Teke, Deputy to the Chairperson of CMF Church. Makamba region, where we are located, one of the provinces which received many repatriates from Tanzania. Returnees came with endless needs as they lost almost everything they had in Tanzania, including bibles.  I would like to thank the Lord for this donation of bibles you have  brought us today.

Many Christians, even leaders of different groups within the church don’t have bibles. It is not easy to lead a congregation that come just to listen and don’t go back and read the word of God to find out if what they are being taught are merely truth. When they meet in cell churches they only recite some bible verses or share what the preacher said and pray without any sharing the bible reading. You have given us more than those who gave us some kgs of rice, because this word of God is the living and un-perishable food of life. A Word of hope for the present, for tomorrow and for eternity.

So, let us all pray so that God can provide us with more bibles.  I would like to thank every parson who contributed money to buy these bibles. Praise God!


Hagirimana  Agnes 


“For sure, God has remembered me”

I am a choir leader and one among the executive committee of youth in our churches.  I praise God for this new bible. I have been using a 34 years old bible which was left by my father as a gift to me before he passed away. It was not easy for me to get a complete bible passage. It is torn from Genesis to Revelation. For sure, God has remembered me.  The Lord has made me laugh; undoubtedly, today, this is a miracle He has done for me.

God is good, I am rejoicing, I have it now. I am going to read and read it, to study it clearly and try to understand it so that I can explain well to those I am leading.


Mrs. Ndayizeye Elizabeth

I will read it and study it very well in order  to be effective in my responsibilities as a leader”

????????????????????????????I am a women leader in my church at a District level in the United Methodist Church. Can you imagine what it means to be a leader yet you don’t have a bible to read?  You meet, you do some church activities, you pray together, but you don’t have a word of God, our guider, our source of our present and future hope, to read and to share with the group.  Our almighty God has remembered us as women. We now have bibles. I will read it and study it very well in order to be effective in my responsibilities as a leader.

Please next time, consider women as they are the once who seem to have more responsibilities to read and to explain the word of God to their children more than men do.


This report was compiled by Capt. Nitunga Francois from Burundi


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