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The Medical Clinic updates

The Church Army Medical clinic has seen a tremendous growth since the beginning of the year. The number of patients is approximately 8 per day, where the number at times is more. This shows that the quality of service being offered is high. The medical clinic also has plans ongoing to collaborate with insurance firms to ease up the payment plans for patients.With the aim of attaining/reaching the community at grassroots,Church Army Medical Clinic has managed to mobilize the community and the Ministry of Health and has managed to sponsor two trainings held in April 23rd and 29th respectively.

The two trainings were about;

  1. HIV Testing  and Counselling, where 25 participants attended
  2. Family Matters, 40 participants attended

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PHOTOS ABOVE: Family Matters Training held on 23rd April at Church Army Academy



PHOTOS CAPTION ;HIV Testing & Counselling Training held on 29th April 2014 at Church Army Academy



Partners involved in the trainings were;

  1. MMAA – Men Movement Against Aids
  2. AHCF- Aids Health Care Foundation
  3. DASCO- Makadara District
  4. MOH -Makadara h/c


Feedback / Impact of the trainings;

Parents learnt how to handle their children ( 9-13 Yrs)

Children live responsibly and respect parents

Children learnt how their body works ( Reproduction & sexuality)

Created awareness about HIV/AIDS

Trained more counselors on how to handle HIV Testing at community level

Promote marketing and community awareness of Church Army Medical Clinic services

Help promote free Medical Camp that will take place in June this year.


The Church Army Medical Clinic expects to do more community health care awareness to boost uptake of health care services by the community.

NB: The Medical Clinic has finalized plans to sponsor family’s matters and health education training for all Church Army Staff which is scheduled for 17th May 2014.


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