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CAA 60th Anniversary -Reviews of the Celebrations and activities

Capt.Joel Apolo Opiyo Soti
Capt. Joel Apollo Opiyo Soti graduated from Carlile College with a Higher Diploma in Urban Mission Theology and commissioned as Church Army officer in June 2011.  He is currently in his last year in Africa International University pursuing his Bachelor of Theology. He Serves as Non Stipendiary Evangelist in ACK St. Paul’s Jamhuri – All saints Cathedral Diocese since he was commissioned.  He was the liaison officer in the office of missions during the CAA 60th Anniversary celebrations planning and the secretary of the organizing committee that steered the progress of all the activities before his appointment to become the P.A to the General Secretary Church Army Africa in July 2014.He has previously served with the Life in Abundance-Kenya as the project officer among the less fortunate communities in Kibera, -Nairobi, Kiandutu- Thika and Kware – Rongai, where he steered the implementation of the CHE, (Community Health Evangelism) program in partnership with the local church pastors and leaders to realize both spiritual and physical growth and development of the communities.His passion in life is missions and to see many join in the great commission that leads many to follow Christ.

He is married to Millicent, and together have two children Ethel Subira, and Ethan Gift.


I take this opportunity to thank God for the Grace of service that He granted to me to serve Him in the just concluded activities as the coordinator of the activities. Together with the dear members of the committee, we saw God’s hand in all that was achieved from mega walk, sports tournament, and Thanksgiving service all through to the International Conference as well as the Commissioning Service. Church Army Africa as the Community of Anglican Evangelists is indeed the life stream of the Anglican Church Ministry in Africa and especially in Kenya where it has it headquarter. Celebrating 60 years of  its ministry was quite a joy since it was a means to carry out an audit of its spiritual, emotional, social and economic impact in Africa through the HEAL agenda. This was no mean task as we note that we could not work effectively without the coveted support of the officers on the ground, majority who are now clergies in their various dioceses.

I note here with a lot of humility and as a challenge to fellow officers and as ministers with unique orientation of mission as it is presented to us through our trainings, that the communal zeal to engage with the affairs of Church Army as a missionary wing and the pride of 60 years of mission was not realized as would have been expected from most of us.

I recognize the great efforts of those who willfully and wholly gave themselves to join hands with us to see the results that were outstanding. By God’s grace, all the planned activities were very successful and we loved the challenge that it posed to us. It was clear to us that vision does not follow resources but resources follow vision. We did not have enough finances in our hands but with the determination and the vision casting that we had from the office of the General Secretary God’s Spirit energized us and we propelled to realize our dream.

God just provided enough that saw us come to the successful end. I urge all lovers of Mission and especially the fellow captains who will read script to join the rest of us to remain onward marching soldiers marching as to war and to remain focus and relevant to the call that we may fully impact Africa . We cannot be comfortable when the souls of men are perishing. God bless Church Army Africa.



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