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Missions Desk Reflections- Celebrating Hope and Holistic Transformation in Africa

Capt.Timothy Kagina Mazimpaka – Director of Missions, Church Army AfricakaginaThe spirit of celebration is never coerced, suppressed or manipulated. It sprouts up from a gushing spring fountain of hope. The hope that the future of God’s people will be better tomorrow than it is today. This spirit of hope never disappoints. Sixty years ago when Church Army England  birthed Church Army Africa, it was responding  to the challenge of providing shelter, physical and spiritual food, and education to the orphans and widows of MAUMAU rebellion  that was fighting the colonial oppressors in Kenya. Church Army Africa was birthed and dedicated to ministering hope to a hurting continent.Today, Church Army Africa looks back with amazement. Its vision has grown bigger and has achieved tremendous results. There about 1000 church leaders trained at Church Army Africa (Carlile College) from 10 African countries. Out of this trained men and women, some of them have ascended to top leadership positions at national and continental level. They include Bishops, College Principles and the General Secretary. Through its academy school in Nairobi, thousands of school-going children were given much needed quality Christian education. Some of them already occupy important leadership positions in the society. Even more significant, Church Army in collaboration with the Anglican Church in Africa have planted thousands of churches and discipled them across the continent. Surely, these alone are worth celebrating!The style of celebrating was unique: holding a walk in the city, youth sports in the city and running an International Conference. It brought together delegates from Australia, England, United States of America, Zambia, Southern Sudan Republic, DRC Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. On the menu of the conference there were: Praise and Worship, Expository Preaching, Plenary Sessions and Seminar Sessions. There was no other better way of ending the conference than that of commissioning 72 missioner evangelists (a number perhaps reminiscent of the 72 disciples commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ!).

The theme of conference—“TRANSFORMING AFRICA THROUGH EFFECTIVE MISSIONARY WORK”—- captured the hope and aspiration of the African Church. The Church in Africa is very much aware of the challenge laid on her shoulders to fostering the change that is best for her people. In this regard, the conference provided platform for delegates from different socio-cultural backgrounds to sharpen one another to bring about best practices for human development. More than ever before, delegates reaffirmed their ever commitment to preaching the gospel of the forgiveness of sins. This follows the Church Army Africa’s sole conviction that unless the gospel of the Kingdom of God is preached for a radical change at the core of people’s being, the Africa’s peoples cannot attain sustainable development. Simply put, “Evangelism is at the core of true development” (Edward R. Dayton).




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