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IMG_3937 copy (INSET PHOTO- Carlile College RRI team)

The RRI (Rapid Results Initiative) process was officially launched on the 7th of April 2016 by the Chairman, Church Army Africa, Chairman Carlile College and the General secretary in an event that took place at the Carlile College chapel. This initiative was originally brought forth by Mr.Emmanuel Kisombe during the last  Church Army Africa Board annual retreat where it was adopted and the Carlile Board was to ensure that it is achieved.

The Rapid Results Approach is a structured process that uses short term projects to help create leadership structures; reveiew managemenet programmes; establish staff competence; create and review management policy documents with a sole aim of accelerating the pace at which organizations can achieve tangible results within 100 days.



In his speech,during the launch, Mr Emmanuel Kisombe spoke of how the process was important  and that all the set objectives were to be taken serious and results and deadlines to be met. Some of the areas he spoke of for improvement were: Review of ; policy manuals, procurement manuals, financial procedures,academic policies, organizational structures and many among others.


photo: Mr Emmanuel Kisombe



IMG_3907The Chairman, Carlile College Board Mr David Okech, spoke of how Carlile College was in the process of making reforms to imrpove it in every area. He stated that it was very important that the RRI process was taking place as it would influence the college’s future performance. He also comended the staff for the tedious efforts that they had made to help bring the college back.

Photo: Mr. David Okech – Carlile College Chairman



IMG_3917The Church Army Board Chairman, Mr James Gitoho also stated that he was looking forward to seeing new strategies implemented and the college improving its standards in each department. He launched the initiative and stated that there would be some major improvements in the whole institution.


Photo: Mr.James Gitoho – Chairman, Church Army Board of Directors



photos: The Chairman, Church Army Board, Chairman Carlile College Board, the Vice Chairman Church Army Board , the General Secretary and the RRI Team launching the initiative



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