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Missionary to the Turkana


Mission Report- 2014 

Based in Lodwar Rev. Capt.  Ekadeli, in the month of January(15th-19th), carried out outreach missions to Kakuma refugee Camp.  Besides ministering to the community of refugees living there, he also carried out training for the Anglican church leaders from Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. He says: “The mission was to encourage the leaders of the new growing Church and train them to be responsible leaders who can be ‘own Donors’”.   Within the same Camp, but in the area of Gambela village (mostly populated by the arrival of new refugees), Capt. Ekadeli  carried out a fundraising exercise for the construction of the wall of the church and the buying of the iron sheet;  with the intent to stop  the impact of the strong wind that is notorious in disrupting the worship and fellowships.

Far deep interior  of Turkana County, in a place called Riokomor; Capt. Ekadeli accompanied by his wife and  were compelled by the Holy Spirit, they travelled a distance of 260 Km. for the purpose of starting a congregation there.  Please pray for this new born church, especially for the Lord to raise leaders who will be in charge of the new congregation.


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