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The Home of Church Army Africa

A community of Anglican Evangelists positively transforming society throughout Africa


Church Army Africa Country Boards:

CAA country Boards are established to facilitate the vision and mission of CAA at a country level. This is in a appreciation that the work of CAA has expanded so much and the head office can no longer manage to serve the whole of Africa without country established offices. For a country to qualify to register Church Army office must have more than 10 Commissioned officers and above


The procedure of registering a Church Army Country office is as follows:

  1. A country must have more than 10 Commissioned officers
  2. The interested country must make an application to the CAA Board of Directors to be permitted to register CAA Country office.
  3. After the approval from the CAA Board, the General Secretary writes to the Primate of the interested country informing him of the intention of CAA registering a Ministry in his country.
  4. The primate tables the request through relevant Church organs including but not limited to Provincial assembly for cooperate endorsement.
  5. The country Secretary of the interested country then liaises with the General Secretaries office to guide the process of registration.
    • The proposed new Board membership need to be established.
    • The list is presented to the CAA Board for approval
    • The list is then forwarded to the CAA AGM for ratification.
    • Where possible official occasion is organized to launch the new country office.

Church Army Africa Leadership Summit:

The leadership summit brings together the General Secretary, all Country Secretaries and heads of institutions to share experiences, vision and mission, refocus on both strategic issues and emerging issues, and discern God’s leading for CAA in Africa. The leadership summit takes place after every two years to give room for each country to conduct their ministry business in between including country conference.

CAA Management team:

The CAA management team is comprised of the General Secretary who is the chairman, Principal Carlile College, Finance and Administration officer, Director Centre for Urban Mission (CUM), Academy Head Master, Legal and Human Resource officer and Medical Clinic officer

Please Note: The administration of the Country Board is in the new CAA Memorandum and Articles of Association

Management Structure: