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CAA Chairman

CAA Chairman

By the grace of God, C.A.A's growth process has been charted and has been very profound. Through implementation of our mandata against the operational strategic plan, we are convinced that C.A.A. shall continue to impact Africa with transformative power contained in the word of God. The Completion of Tafakari Centre at the heart of Kibra, the biggest informal sector in Nairobi is a visible sign that C.A.A. has come of age. The next major assignment is to ensure that C.A.A. grows into a viable organization progressively.

Firstly, the management should intensify the growth of academic institutions and other community services to the least.

Secondly, the medical clinic should be expanded to provide more comprehensive heathcare services to communities in Nairobi and beyond.

Thirdly, mercy ministries should be championed as a social welfare platform through which C.A.A. will reach out to thousands of economically challenged and the marginalized communities in Africa under the current hard economic times.

Fourthly, the Office of the General Secretary should establish CAA work in the rest of African Countries on the continent with a clear mandate of growing C.A.A. into continental movement.

CAA country Boards are established to facilitate the vision and mission of CAA at a country level. This is in a appreciation that the work of CAA has expanded so much and the head office can no longer manage to serve the whole of Africa without country established offices. For a country to qualify to register Church Army office must have more than 10 Commissioned officers and above