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The Home of Church Army Africa

A community of Anglican Evangelists positively transforming society throughout Africa


Church Army Africa Ownership

Church Army Africa is a Registered Company limited by guarantee with a mandate to offer religious training alongside other leadership development courses. It is wholly owned by the Anglican Church in Africa through membership of Church Army Commissioned officers who meet annually to receive both ministry and financial reports on the undertakings of the Company. In simple language, Church Army officers referred to as Captains are the owners of CAA. The membership of Captains cuts across Africa, specifically in most of the Countries listed above in the preamble. By virtue of such arrangement, all Anglican Primates in Africa are by constitution owners of Church Army Africa, represented by a President being one of the seating Primates. By its presence in Kenya, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya provides Episcopal oversight on behalf of other Primates.

NOTE: Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa CAPA being the umbrella body the unites the Anglican Communion in Africa, through which Primates express their leadership and Episcopal responsibilities, becomes a de-facto stake holder in Church Army



Church Army Africa is Governed by not more than thirteen members who constitutionally form the Church Army Africa Board of Directors, elected and appointed during the AGM to Govern on behalf of both the Members and the Anglican Church in Africa. The membership comes from CAA member countries. To qualify as a member country, there must be at least ten (10) Commissioned officers and above. The rest of countries are members by virtue of having endorsed and accepted the ministry of CAA.

Currently these are the member countries from which Board members can be elected and appointed from

  1. Kenya
  2. Tanzania
  3. Uganda
  4. South Sudan/Sudan
  5. DRC Congo
  6. Rwanda
  7. Burundi
  8. Malawi
Governance Structure

Governance Structure

CAA management Committees

CAA management Committees

Board of Directors of Church Army Africa’s Committees
1 Executive Committee Secretary General Secretary
2 Finance and Administration Committee Secretary General Secretary
3 Human Resource Committee Secretary Legal and HR officer
4 Carlile College Board of management Secretary Principal Carlile College
5 Fund Raising and Partnership Committee Secretary Director Centre for Urban Mission
6 Academy Committee Secretary Head master
7 ECAA Medical Clinic Committee Secretary Clinical officer

Other Committees responsible and accountable to CAA Board of Directors include:

  1. Bungokho Rural Development Centre (BRDC) management Committee.
  2. College for Christian Ministries (CCM) Management Board