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The Home of Church Army Africa

A community of Anglican Evangelists positively transforming society throughout Africa

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Welcome to Church Army Africa.

Church Army Africa is part of Church Army worldwide and is officially recognized as the evangelistic missionary arm of the Anglican Church founded officially in 1882 by Rev. Brebendry. Capt. Wilson Carlile in London at St. Mary’s Abbot Kingston. Church Army Africa is part of other eight centres around the world: CA UK, CA Australia, CA New Zealand, CA Canada (Threshold Ministries), CA USA, CA Jamaica, CA Barbados, and CA Vanuatu.

Our Background

Church Army Africa was officially inaugurated in 1954 and has expanded to Seventeen other countries in Africa: (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Republic of South Sudan, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Burundi, Rwanda, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique) by extension.

Currently Church Army Africa has focus on West Africa as its new Mission frontier: Ghana, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sera Leon, Genie Bissau, Togo, and The Gambi. In total Church Army Africa now covers twenty five (25) countries out of 54 on the Continent.

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Purpose/Reason for existence:


A community of Anglican Evangelists positively transforming society throughout Africa.


Enabling the church to evangelize Africa.

Core Values

1 Love Demonstrating God’s love as a free gift of grace to all humanity
2 Justice Seeking shalom of all humanity
3 Honesty Willingness to share opportunities and challenges
4 Integrity Upholding uprightness in all our dealings
5 Humility Self-respect and respect of others
6 Teamwork Acknowledging that there is strength in diversity
7 Discipline Demonstrating self-dedication and commitment to our duties
8 Stewardship Being faithful managers of all entrusted to us on behalf of God and society

Church Army’s Statement of Faith

Church Army Africa is part of the Anglican Communion worldwide. Officially a designated evangelistic arm of the church whose mandate is to train men and women for works of evangelism.

Church Army believes in the 39 articles of faith as stated within the Anglican faith and tradition routed in scripture, established in the saving grace of Jesus Christ who was born by the Virgin Mary, who died and resurrected.

Church Army believes in the Holiness of life, following real conversion and eager desire for the salvation of the people; among those we live to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in the leading of the Holy Spirit who enables us to witness and bring others into the fold of Jesus Christ. We believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the trinity of the God Head in the life to come.

We believe in a life of prayer, reading the word of God, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and submission to church discipline.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of CAA is established and rooted in scripture with a rallying theme of the Kingdom of God; a concept that is prominent in the H.E.A.L strategy. This philosophy includes the redemptive power portrayed during the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and views the cross as integral to the theme of the Kingdom of God. The theme of the Kingdom of God gives CAA and its department’s guidance on how to run its spiritual, social, economic and political life. A more detailed document on this philosophy is found in appendix 2 of this document.


Church Army Africa draws its mandate first, from scripture as it was handed over to the Apostles and early church Fathers as the only invaluable Word of God for human salvation and promise of eternal life. Second from the Anglican Communion in which it was authorized to function as an Evangelistic movement called to train and raise Evangelists to work in and through the church to strengthen the works of Mission especially winning souls for Christ.
Church Army Africa is therefore bound by Scripture, theology, church polity as described in the 39 articles of faith and church traditions of the Anglican Church. While Church Army is committed to training people from other churches, it is wholly owned, managed and governed by the Anglican Church in Africa.

Vision and Mission Strategy of Church Army

The Vision and Mission strategy of CAA is working towards the H.E.A.L-ing of Africa. (Health, Education, Advocacy and Leveraging wealth creation.

Church Army Africa exists to serve first and foremost the church and society on the continent of Africa. African Renaissance and liberation of African people defines CAA’s core business. Seeking the welfare of African people through provision of Healthcare, Education, Advocacy and Leveraging of Wealth or Economic empowerment has become the embodiment of CAA’s ultimate Vision and Mission strategy.

The programs that run in Church Army Jogoo Road, Rural Development Centre Mbale Uganda and College of Christian Ministries Malawi are a reflection of H. E. A. L Africa vision aspiration.

On Jogoo, which is the Head office of Church Army Africa, there are five key programs that through which H. E. A. L Africa vision and Mission strategy is implemented.
(i). Health-Church Army Medical Clinic;
(ii) Education- Carlile College and Church Army Academy;
(iii)Advocacy-Centre for Urban Mission:- Working among the poor in informal settlements both in Kenya Nairobi and Uganda Kampala and
(iv)Leveraging wealth creation- Centre for Urban Mission and Church Army Business Centre

Two key things stand out in this philosophy and CAA’s vision and Mission strategy:


: Church Army being missionary and Evangelistic in its nature, Community worship defines our identity as a Christian institution. The entire Community of Church Army meets once a week throughout the year at the agreed time for Community worship in the chapel or at St. Stephen Cathedral. This is not an option but expected to be the way of life while either working or studying at Church Army. The General Secretary is the custodian of this key foundational bedrock upon which Church Army was established.

Missionary engagements:

The General Secretary’s Chief role is to inspire and motivate both staff and students to engage in practical mission as a demonstration of our commitment to societal transformation either through Evangelistic activities or social response.

Church Army College

College houses two schools namely the Church Army School of Missions and the Church Army Business School and draws its vision and mission from that of CAA as detailed below.

Church Army Health Centre

. Church Army Medical Centre is a registered faith based health institution li censed by the Government of Kenya under the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board cap 253 of the laws of Kenya.

Church Army Academy

Church Army Academy is a co-educational day school comprising of a Kindergarten and primary school for boys and girls. It is located within the Church Army Africa Headquarters along Jogoo Road.

Church Army High School

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